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Papa's Famous Peanut Brittle

Make this quick and easy peanut brittle to delight your family during the holidays. Recipes can be used to remember and honor those that are no longer with us.

Tea through the Ages

           Camellia sinensis, or the common tea plant, was initially cultivated around 400 CE, after wild varieties made their way from India to China. A tea plant is actually an evergreen tree capable of growing to ...

How to Make Tortillas Flexible

Tortillas are flat, thin pancakes commonly made from corn flour (masa harina) or wheat flour. This Latin American favorite is commonly used as wrappers for meat or vegetables, for dessert cups or fried into tostadas. However, as tortillas dry out, they may become tough and hard to work with. Restore

South Indian Food Has Many Similarities With Diversities

South India is famous for its beaches, resorts, hill stations, food, culture as well as actors with thick moustaches. Out of all these attractions food is the most popular one because of its exceptional taste, ...

How to Pan Cook a Lobster

Lobster is a rich and delicious shellfish with firm and delicate flesh that is quite lean. It can come in a variety of forms from the live product to frozen sections such as the tail or claws. Lobster can also come canned. One way of preparing lobster is to pan cook it after parboiling and splitting

Avocado Fruit Cholesterol

Cholesterol in Avocado Fruit Avocado cholesterol levels diet is beneficial for lowering cholesterol, notwithstanding of avocado fat content along with carbohydrate. This is because avocado is a great way to obtain heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Avocado ...

Good Tastes With Delicious Magazine

Delicious - that one word which brings water to your mouth. Delicious - that one magazine that is loved by all food loving people in UK. Delicious is appreciated by the UK food lovers and they simply cannot wait to lay their hands each month on the freshly baked copy of the magazine.

Put Up Your Christmas Tree for a Christmas Tea!

Its that time of the year again!The snow is gently falling outside your window.Christmas trees are being decorated and stockings are being hung.Shoppers are bustling and presents are being wrapped.Holiday cheer fills the air.And so does the rich scent of tea!If you are a tea business owner who would

My Tips For Making The Perfect Pizzelle

If you're not already familiar with pizzelle they're a delicious treat that are simple to make, requiring nothing more than a few basic ingredients. Typically pizzelle are round and flat and come embossed with a distinctive snowflake pattern. They originate from Italy and are traditionally

Australia Wine Agents Fix Global Demand

Australian wine exports make a major contribution to the economy. With increasing regions in Australia coming under wineries Australian wine is becoming a major export commodity. The wine agents ship the best wine to mature in your cellars.

Earth Day Party Menu Ideas To Celebrate the Earth on Which We Live

While Earth Day is a newer holiday in the last few decades there are many individuals who choose to celebrate the day by paying attention to the resources we have. This is becoming increasingly important given that the Earth is in an ever-increasing state of change. Listed below are a few catering i

Organic Recipe Books: Cooking As Family Bonding

What are the activities that you usually do as your family bonding? Does it have to do with sports, outdoor activities like camping, swimming, and etc, watching movies, or cooking? Family bonding is a very important activity that each family should do often.

Video: How to Make Key Lime Juice

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Veronica Perez from Cornucopia Foods, and I'm here to show you how to make key lime juice using a juicer. The ingredients you will need are fresh key limes, and the first thing you'll want to do is cut them into small pieces so that they can fit in the chute of...

The Sour-Sweet Tale of Grapefruits

One of the healthiest members of the citrus family, the grapefruit has a wonderful history associated with it. In comparison to some of the other popular fruits, the history of grapefruits is relatively new. In fact, there are a few stories associated with this fruit leading to a little dilemma as t