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Breastfeeding Tip: Find Your Tribe

The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages Moms to breastfeed their babies for at least one year or as long as mutually desired. Sadly, many Moms quit before that one year mark because challenges come up and they don't know how to access good support and information.

Importance of a Balanced Diet in Early Childhood Development

The importance of nutrition at an early age is the threat of serious health conditions, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes. The eating habits your children learn at an early age will often stay with them through adulthood, which is why it's necessary to develop healthy eating habits. Along

Early-Intervention Services in Missouri

Missouri's early-intervention program is called Missouri First Steps. Learn more about Missouri's early-intervention services from a parent advisor with experience helping Missouri parents.

Gifts for Kindergarten Teachers

If you don't want to spend money, have your child draw a picture.Elle s'y met ?? fond image by Francis Lemp??ri?¡§re from Fotolia.comShow your appreciation for your child's kindergarten teacher by giving her a holiday gift or a gift at the end of the school year. You don't have to spend a...

How to Deal With Racism in School

Are people at school referring to you as racial slurs? Racism is flooding are school institutions every year. Do you feel like your the victim of racist slurs? Do you ask yourself, what should you do? Check the info below

Gay Parenting - Children With Gay Parents

One of the most difficult things that people have to deal with in today's society is gay parenting. The reason that these views do not make any sense is that there really is no proof that gay parenting has a negative effect on the children. In a world that is so different with all the different

Baby Shower Game Ideas for Your Get-Together

When you are short on time or simply want fun baby shower games that are uncomplicated to get ready, seek games which do not entail a whole lot of time and effort. If you go the do-it-yourself direction, you will also typically save money. The next 2 activities are easy to set up and simple to do at

Luck or Blessing?

If you have the habit of using the word "luck," it would be a good idea to get a dictionary and look the word up. I am convinced that if you are a Christian, you will never willingly use the word again.

Baby Health - The Ultimate Concern

Breast feeding plays an important role in Baby Health. Every baby taking birth on this world should have mother's milk. It is a natural way of building bond and most strongest strength, nutrient supplier of the universe. There is no way to ignore the importance of breast feeding.

5 Ways to Discipline a Potty-Mouthed Child

A child's first word is a notable milestone worthy of its own entry in their baby book. If that child ventures into more colorful language, the following strategies will help you properly dis

How to Choose the Right Clothing for Toddlers

Toddlers can already insists on the color and style that they want. Sometimes it does not fit their personality and season. We need to explain to our toddlers that clothing for summer is different than clothing for winter.

Tummy Tub - Bath or Bucket?

Back 11 years ago and expecting our first baby we were keenly poring over all sorts of baby catalogues and books for the most effective, most modern and best baby equipment. The internet was still pretty much an unused concept and at any rate we did not have internet access at home. During our searc

Exercise Regimen For Aging Baby Boomers

If you belong in the aging baby boomers generation, then regular exercise or an exercise program is very important for you. It is an important activity that will give value to achieve optimum health, slow aging process, develop muscle and bone strength and of course keep you away from the risk of he

When Grandparents Need an Attorney

Grandparents' rights cases require skillful handling in court. Learn how to find an attorney for your suit for visitation or custody.

7 Ways to Gain Respect From Your Teen

One of the most challenging phases of parenting can be when your child becomes a teenager. Some parents breeze through, but most of us encounter some degree of difficulty. Here is a list of 7 ways you can minimize the disrespect and start to re-connect with your teenage son or daughter.