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How to Calculate an Angular Frequency

The frequency of a wave measures the number of times a complete wave cycle will pass a given position. Angular frequency is similar, except that it's been converted to a form that's easier to use in trigonometric equations. While frequency measures cycles per second, or Hertz, angular frequency meas

How to Make a Sphere Hot Air Balloon With Tissue Paper

The design of a hot-air balloon allows you to use any lightweight material, including tissue paper, to form the balloon. A properly formed tissue-paper balloon will fly while handling a surprising amount of weight. Start small, creating simple balloons for your first try and then invest in larger ba

How to Attach Objects to a Painting's Canvas

Art is ever evolving and so are contemporary definitions of what a painting should be. It is not uncommon for artists to add dimension to a painting, whether through textured fabrics, layers of paint, or even unconventional, non paint-based objects such as shells, stones, bits of glass, plastics an

Projects Using a Cricut Cutter

You can create an endless number of projects with Cricut cutters. Two of the most popular models are the Cricut Create and the Cricut Expressions machines. Most projects can be made with either machine; the main difference between the models is cutting size capability.

How to Remove Damaged Casing

Removing damaged door or window casing to make room for its replacement is not a difficult task, but it does require using the correct method. Proper removal of casing prevents damage to the surrounding wall and interior window and door framing. Failing to properly remove the casing can result in ev

How to Paint Primitive Wood Crafts

Achieving a primitive country look when painting wood crafts depends to a large degree on the shades of paint selected along with a few finishing touches. Seek out colors that are more muted and subtle and avoid bold primary colors that are out of place in a primitive country setting. While country

How to Melt Ice on an AZEK Deck

AZEK decks are made from a manufactured decking material. The AZEK decking and other AZEK materials used throughout the home or landscape are constructed of cellular PVC, which offers greater stain and scratch resistance than traditional wood decks. As a result of winter weather conditions, property

How Many People Are Piano Tuners in America?

The question "How Many People Are Piano Tuners in America?" is a variation on a popular method of estimation called "Fermi questions," named after the famous physicist Enrico Fermi. Fermi is best known for calculating the force of an atomic bomb test by dropping some scraps of paper and making some

Can Microphone Amplifiers be Used with Geophones?

Scientists use a variety of instruments to measure earthquakes, or seismic activity. One type of instrument is the geophone. Like any electronic instrument, geophones are designed with differing frequency sensitivities, sometimes requiring a microphone amplifier.

How to Change Frequencies on Cobra Radios

Cobra radios provide a method of long-range communication through the UHF frequencies. These radios use simple controls to switch frequencies and control the squelch on the band. Tuning into different frequencies is as easy as pushing a button and looking at the display.

How to Adjust a Seth Thomas Beehive Clock

Seth Thomas began his clockmaking career in New England in the early 1800s. His specialty at the time was large, free standing clocks, such as grandfather clocks. In 1817, he added mantel clocks to his portfolio. This included the "Beehive" clock, which has a signature cathedral point at t

How to Prepare the Microscope for Being Put Away

Using a microscope to discover things about nature that you would not be able to see with your naked eye can be an exciting way to learn about science. Microscopes are expensive pieces of equipment, however, and need to be handled properly to avoid costly mistakes. Fortunately, taking care of a micr

How to Convert Bloomberg Emails

When you use an email client for a long period of time, the active store of those messages may take up a lot of space. Therefore, it may be useful to convert those emails to a backup type so that you can archive the messages. If you receive a lot of emails from a single company such as Bloomberg, yo

How to Buy Coins on Craigslist

Both coin collectors and sellers can benefit from Craigslist, the popular classified ad-style website. Craigslist provides a free way for sellers to advertise merchandise, while buyers can browse the classifieds every day until they find a desirable coin. As with any type of purchase from a classifi

How to Strip Paint Off a Resin Model Kit

The paint on resin model kits may crack or peel over time, or owners may simply desire a different look. It is possible to simply cover the existing paint job, but thick paint obscures details on the sculpture. You can employ numerous methods to strip the paint off resin kits. Most of them involve u

Plant & Animal Life on the Continental Shelf

The continental shelf is the part of the continent that lies underwater directly off the shore. The shelf ends when it drops below 650 feet from the surface into the deep ocean. The floor of the shelf is a soft layer of sediment accumulated through river-wash and upwelling from deeper parts of the o

How to Decorate Your Locket

A locket is a piece of jewellery that is designed to be personalized. Depending on the size of locket, you can decorate the inside with a photograph or a meaningful passage of text or you can use it to store a lock of a loved one's hair. You can also personalize the outside of a locket to reflect yo

How to Make Tewa Pottery

Hopi-Tewa pottery originated in the Southwest United States. These vessels were formed around round-bottomed gourds and polished with river stones. Then the pots were painted with intricate, stylized designs. Pottery dyes were made from boiling plants to extract the colors. These traditions still ex

Why Does Wood Make a Snapping Noise?

Few earthly sounds are as sharp and crisp as snapping wood. The crackle of logs in a campfire seems to encourage happy, meditative silence, while the sudden splitting of timber from a disturbed moose in flight can draw the mind to a point and get the heart racing. While all wood is elastic to some e