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How to Fix a Shaky Washing Machine

A shaky washing machine is often caused by an overloaded tub or an unbalanced load of laundry. As the machine rotates during the rinse and spin cycles, an unusually large load or the entire load of laundry that somehow has positioned itself to fill only one side of the washtub, causes the tub to roc

How to Connect a Laundry Sink and Washing Machine to the Same Drain

In many basement setups, both space and plumbing connections are tight. In such a situation, it's possible for both the washing machine and laundry sink to share the same drain. In order to hook up a sink to the drain inlet, a plumbing fixture called a tee will need to be installed if it isn't in th

How to Clean a Dirty Toaster Oven

Cleaning your toaster oven after spills is the best way to keep the appliance clean. Cleaning on a timely basis will prevent foods from drying or being baked on, making cleanup speedier. However, there are occasions when cleaning needs to wait for a more convenient time. With a little patience and

Replacing Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and Tube wiring uses insulated knobs and tubes to help distribute the electrical wiring throughout your home. If you have knob and tube wiring, then you should speak with an electrician about updating it to safer, more robust wiring.

Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning repairs can be costly, but there are steps a homeowner can take to help keep these expenses under control. Simple maintenance tasks can make a big difference in the smooth operation of your system, prolong the life of the AC unit, and prevent the necessity for many repairs. You can

Kitchen Blenders - Your Versatile Kitchen Assistants

Kitchen blenders are electrically powered machines possessing a swirling blade for dicing, blending or liquefying foods. It is flexible as it can be employed to create different types of purees, soups, milkshakes, as well as other foodstuffs.

Do it Yourself: Wiring a Circuit Breaker

Because every electrical circuit has its own circuit breaker, do-it-yourselfers may one day find themselves having to add a new circuit breaker to the service panel. Installing a new breaker is not difficult and requires only basic electric wiring skills. The entire job takes only a few minutes, and

Household Steam Cleaner Effectiveness

Steam cleaners use water from the domestic supply to produce hot, dry steam. The steam loosens dirt and dissolves grease, which you can then wipe away. The hot steam also has a sanitizing effect. If you plan to purchase one of these machines in a bid to make your housekeeping route easier, ensure yo

How to Adjust the Furnace Flame From Blue to Yellow

When you turn on your furnace, the unit's pilot light ignites the main burners. The pilot lights on most home furnaces are calibrated before installation, but the flame can dim over time. If you notice that your furnace pilot light has turned blue, it is too dim. In these instances many people call

How Does a 12 Volt Light Relay Work?

Relays are electromechanical switching devices. A 12-volt relay is controlled by a low-power electrical switching circuit, such as a low-current toggle switch. Turning the low-power switch on actuates a high-power electrical circuit, which then turns on a high-power electrical device (such as a heav

Electrical Testing

Electrical testing ensures that electrical appliances are regularly and routinely checked to ensure their safety is up to standard. There is a correct term for the process as a whole. It is known as; In-service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment.

How to Rewire a Dryer Outlet?

Prior to the release of the 1999 revision of the National Electrical Code (NEC), the manufacturers of domestic clothes dryers were allowed to bond (physically connect) the appliance's metal case to the circuits' neutral conductor as a means of grounding. Prior to the release of the 1999 NEC, new hom

Solar Collector The Heart Of A Solar Heating System

Solar energy is accessible in plentiful places around the world. For instance you can have solar power in a vehicle parked under sunshine, in a home with no air flowing inside, in a building with closed windows and with no fans to regenerate the air.

Get the Info on Trane Gas Furnace Reviews

When it comes to purchasing a new heating unit, there are a few basic things to take into consideration. The two primary sources of information that a customer should consider are: Customer Reviews, and Efficiency Ratings.

Deep Freezer Or Fridge Which Is The Best

In the old days even before the innovation of the electrical appliances our ancestors had different ways of preserving food and other stuffs. Even though some stuffs like milk were hard to keep it fresh for a long period of time. Some of the methods that they used were not reliable as it was used to

Home Audio Recording Fun

Creating a simple home audio recording studio is easy.In addition to software, an audio and/or midi interface will allow you to plug all kinds of audio components, microphones and instruments into your computer for live recording, recording from tape or even from your old vinyl lps.

Features of Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch dishwashers have become more popular in the past few years due to their exclusive features and high quality construction. The features available in these dishwashers help them to stand out among others while still being Energy Star Compliant.

How to Change a Bissell Bag

When a sweeper bag overfills past the manufacturer's recommended level, sweeper performance suffers. Bissell sweepers with full bags do not clean as efficiently or deeply as those with clean, empty bags. Full bags can also cause dirt and allergens to be redistributed on furnishings, curtains and led