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Looking at Kid Dog Craft Ideas

Crafts are very important for all ages, kids especially to help support their growth and learning process. These fun craft ideas are only the beginning, there are so many other wonderful ideas out there and you can never run out of projects to do with your kids. Remember not only is this good for yo

How to Make Soap - Basics to Get Started

Learn how to make soap and you can produce useful and beautiful products. Making soap is part science but part art too. Here are tips to get started with soap making.

Organizing Your Craft Supplies

When you start a craft project, do you end up spending more time looking for your tools and supplies than you do actually working on your craft? If you do, you are not alone! If you do any type of crafting or creative work, the supplies you use can quickly spread out and take over your home.

The Splendid Online Wallpaper Shop

The walls should be so beautiful that they should speak the taste of the people who reside in it and depicts their personality and mood. So, whether you are preparing your house for sale or ...

A Primer on Coin Collecting

Coin Collecting has become a multi-billion dollar industry.Here is a basic primer to get you started on this exciting hobby.

Lehigh Coal Navigated Canals and History

The Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company was created for the carrying of anthracite coal to Easton from Lehigh Valley. This creation occurred after Phillip Ginder discovered large anthracite deposits in the Summit Hill, Pennsylvania area in 1791.

Elegant Georgian interiors

The Georgian era, that of the reigning periods of George I, George II, George III of England, lasted from 1714 to 1800. The period saw many changes in art, architecture and all forms of design. ...

How to Identify Antique Japanese Figurines

The earliest Japanese figurines were pottery figurines dating from the medieval period. However, most antique figurines date from the Edo (1603-1868) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods, and are made of wood, ivory, bronze or porcelain. Netsuke were small wood or ivory figurines, worn on cords from a pe

Books for Halloween Collectors

Halloween collecting will never reach the popularity of Christmas, but it's a strong number two with collectors passionate about their holiday. Prices aren't for the faint-of-heart and when an interesting item shows up on eBay, watch out! Why? Many antique Halloween items were made of pape