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How to Develop Clean House Habits

Cleaning the house is never fun, especially after it's gotten so messy that you have a big job to do. Sometimes, you hit crisis mode, cleaning right before guests are coming over. If you develop some clean house habits, your home will always be clean and neat, and you'll never be stuck with a big

Homemade Stove Top Cleaners

The stove top is the most used appliance in the kitchen. It must be kept clean so you don't contaminate your food with bacteria. Making your own stove top cleaner is a budget-friendly and environment-friendly alternative to buying one.

The Best Ways to Clean Tan Suede

While shiny leather products are produced from the skin side of hide, suede is made from the flesh side. Manufacturers tan and nap this side to raise the fibers, in turn creating an effect like velvet. Tan suede is often considered a supple fabric prized for its rich and elegant look. Caring for sue

How to Make 3M Decals

3M is a company that specializes in several areas of technology, office supplies and adhesive materials. One specialized area is personal decals. They are used commonly for labeling electronic systems such as computer networks. However, they can be handy on a variety of surfaces. Create a personal d

How to Clean Glass Stove Cooktops

Glass stove cooktops are very popular in modern homes, as they are easy to use, and heat up faster than coil-based ranges. However, they can be a little bit of a pain to clean, especially because stains can become permanent very quickly when they are heated and cooled over and over. Cleaning often a

How to Clean & Degrease

The kitchen can quickly become one of the dirtiest, greasiest spots in the house. It only takes preparing one grease-laden meal to spread an oily mess. Cleaning and degreasing your kitchen surfaces, including the stove, can be time consuming but only requires the use of a few household cleansers. Be

How to Clean Smoke Damaged Houses

After a fire, most people are ready to move on with their lives as quickly as possible. However, there is a lot of clean up to be done: removing damaged objects, dealing with water damage and replacing ruined belongings, like clothes or furniture. Smoke damage can be one of the more difficult effect

How to Clean Carpet With Vinegar & Machine

Carpeting is an area of the home that quickly collects and harbors dirt and bacteria. From regular foot traffic, to food spills, to pet stains, carpets endure a lot of wear and tear on a regular basis. While vacuuming will collect much of the loose dirt and debris, many times, the bacteria deep in t

How to Care for Shower Seats

Shower seats are a useful addition to the shower as tools to help the elderly, physically challenged, or anyone who may need extra assistance in the shower. The main issue in caring for shower seats is keeping mold at bay, which gradually destroys surfaces. A shower is never on short supply of moist

How to Clean Stainless Steel With Olive Oil or Vinegar

Stainless steel, whether it be cookware, counter tops or appliances, can be difficult to keep clean and shiny. While this material generally isn't susceptible to stains, it can develop a dull appearance over time, mostly due to smudges and the finish rubbing off. While dozens of stainless steel clea

Will Lemon Grass Leaves Repel Cats?

You can't deny the damage cats can do to a flowerbed or garden; when they are not busy using the soil for a litter box, they can often be found chewing on the flowers, leaves and stems of young seedlings or digging up the roots of established plants. Fortunately, cats are repelled by the smell of ci

How to Remove Clearcoat

Clearcoat is a protective finish applied to the exterior of an automobile. The transparent clear coat gives the vehicle a glossy appearance, while also serving as a durable protectant for the paint, or base coat. Like the paint itself, clearcoat eventually experiences gradual wear and damage after y

How to Clean & Lubricate a Cutting Board

Keeping a cutting board clean and lubricated is important for both the health of your family and for maintaining the condition of your cutting board. Wooden cutting boards require more maintenance than plastic ones, because the material is more apt to crack, split or warp. It is also more susceptibl

How to Get Ballpoint Ink Off of Vinyl

Vinyl, short for polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic resin made from chlorine and ethylene. Vinyl is used to make items such as toys, dolls and backpacks. Vinyl is also used to make a faux-leather material that is commonly used on furniture, jackets and purses. If ballpoint ink comes in contact with vi

How to Prevent Rust

Rust is a type of corrosion that affects metals like iron and steel which are categorized as ferrous metals. Typically rust will start to occur at 40 percent humidity. Rust can occur in many areas of your home. It is best to treat metals by sealing them with paint, lacquer or wax or by replacing met

The Best Classic Way to Strip Off Paint

When it comes to paint stripping, determine the best method by the type of paint, the condition of the paint and substrate or the base material under the paint. Many of the basic techniques apply to both solvent- and water-based stripping products. Many similarities exist between stripping paint fro

Home Remedy for Removing Rust Stains From Cement

You can clean stains from cement without using harsh or toxic chemicals. Harsh chemicals can slowly erode cement if used repeatedly. There are home remedies that will work to remove rust stains from cement. Remove the rust stains as soon as possible, before the stains have time to work more deeply i

How to Apply Uppercase Living Vinyl Over Paper

Uppercase Living is a company that specializes in creative vinyls that can be attached to any surface. They are often used for decorating rooms with lettering or small graphics. If you are using vinyl on a paper surface, such as wallpaper, it can be easily applied with a few tools. Uppercase Living