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How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

This article is intended to help you choose a bed frame that is right for you! There are many types of beds with many different styles to choose from so it can become a difficult decision. Hopefully, this article will make that decision easier.

Kids Bunk Beds

Kids Bunk beds are a great way to save space and also save money on a very practical piece of furniture. Kids Loft beds are great for kids sharing a room to save space in the bedroom. Save time, space, and money and have your kids love you even more, what better combo is there?

How Do Toilet Cisterns Work?

The toilet cistern is vital, we assume: it pushes water into the toilet bowl, flushing out the contents and refilling the bowl with fresh water. But if the cistern was broken, the design of the waste outlet from the bowl would still permit the bowl to be flushed. Toilet cisterns work in a standard m

Having More, Spending Less: How To Save When Buying Furniture

What used to be possessions only affordable to the rich, furniture has now evolved to be a necessity to every home. With the coming of modern society, furniture does not only suffice for its purpose but also for its comfort. What used to be made of stone that offered discomfort, furniture are now ma

Shaping the world you Live in!

Aakar Interio are back with our new service 'Design your Space'. We are Delhi-based and we do take up Requests for a free visit to discuss over your interiors with our trained Designers who h

When to Use Small Bathroom Vanities

Small vanities are useful in small bathrooms where space is minimal, and expansion is not an option. They provide the amenities but not at the expense of the overall bathroom layout. If your budget is a consideration, something simple, small and economical will fill the need without busting the budg

Hospitality Design Firms Today

This article aims to discuss the basic know how of hospitality furniture provided by hospitality design firms and how one can make the most of their hospitality furniture selection.

Pros and Cons of a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Having a medicine cabinet in one's home is a very wise decision. The problem may arise when deciding what kind of cabinet to get- wooden, marble, glass? Each of course has their strong points and disadvantages that will be the basis for your choice.

Hans Wegner - Master Of Chair Design

In 2007, the great furniture designer Hans Wegner passed away. He entered this world in Tonger, Denmark, 93 years ago and over time became the most successful and noticed individual at the Danish Modern school of design. His beautiful and unobtrusive style is composed of clean and simple lines.

Cabinet Knobs - Make Sure You Pick Out the Right Ones

You are just about done refurbishing your kitchen cabinetry and now you are about to put the finishing touches on your project. You have decided to put the old cabinet knobs back on your cabinetry and don't think that it's not that big of a deal. Well, it actually is.

Office Desks That Reflect Your Personality and Sense of Choice

The set of office furniture cannot be completed without the presence of office desks which are also considered to be an important entity of an office. If an office is equipped with well-designed furniture like desks, tables, chairs etc., then it will really help in making the environment of office s

Guidelines for Furnishing Kids' Rooms

It is undeniable the every parent wants to give the best of everything to their children. Be it education, health or the living environment, and the bedroom is not an exception. When it comes to setting up the kids' room, we often tend to overlook our financial constraints and try to buy everyt

How to Repair a Scratch on a Veneer Top

Veneer is common on many different types of furniture and cabinets in many households. Over time, it can become scratched or damaged. With the proper tools, you can get it looking brand new in next to no time.

How to Refinish Wood Outdoor Furniture

Wood outdoor furniture is subject to a lot of abuse from the elements. Sun, rain and snow can quickly damage wood, causing it to crack and splinter. Having the proper finish on your outdoor furniture is crucial for keeping it in good condition. The type of finish depends on the type of wood and your

Custom Built Furniture to Accentuate Your Home

Many people choose to get custom furniture to accentuate their house. If you want unique pieces in your house, then you should find a company that offers custom furniture.

Comfort Sleeper - Comfort Sleepers And The Environment

Have you noticed that you spend one third of your lives sleeping? That means sleeping is an important part of life. This makes sleeping a very important time of our life as it has a direct impact on the time that we spend awake and working. So how should you have better sleeping environments in the