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Alternatives to Bay Leaves

Dried bay leaves make an aromatic addition to many dishes.Hemera Technologies/Photos.com/Getty ImagesBay leaves are the dried, glossy green leaves of the laurel tree or sweet bay tree. When added to a culinary dish, they infuse a distinctive aromatic flavor, popular in stews, bakes, soups...

How to Cure Fungus Destroying Your Lawn

Many homeowners eagerly and proudly mow their lawns every weekend. They regularly water, fertilize and weed in pursuit of the perfect lawn. Sometimes, however, these efforts fail to keep the lawn healthy, making it vulnerable to various fungi that destroy grass. Brown patches, dollar spots, fairy ri

How to Change the Oil in a Toro Lawn Mower

Your Toro walk-behind mower may have a Tecumseh or a Briggs & Stratton engine, but the procedure for changing the oil is similar for both. Change the oil after the first two to five operating hours, then at least once a year or every 25 operating hours afterwards. Most Toro walk-behind mowers take 2

How to Repair a Craftsman Mower

Craftsman mowers are heavy duty consumer machines. Even with proper care, they will sometimes need repaired. Many problems occur from simply being used for years. Repairs can be made at home, which can save hundreds of dollars on costly technicians.

Why Aeration is an Important Task For Every Lawn

We cannot all have lawns like bowling greens, but we can go a long way towards the goal by careful preparations beforehand and regular maintenance afterwards. After mowing, probably the next most important part of caring for a lawn, but one which gets neglected, is maintaining the aeration of the so

Electric Mower Technology

Electric MotorsElectric mowers are an interesting cross between traditional mowing techniques and an eco-friendly method designed to use as little gas as possible. Electric mowers are much quieter, easier on both the ears of neighbors and the user. Also, they have significant energy...

How to Repair Sinkholes in the Backyard

Sinkholes in your backyard are an indication of a problem occurring below the surface of your soil, and if left untreated it can result in extensive damage to your home's foundation and utility piping. Sinkholes are physical and chemical weathering of bedrock due to subsurface erosion or loss of lan

Improve the Backyard by Fencing and Decking Service

If you want to secure the backyard of your house the most suitable option is installing fencing. If you are a garden lover, decking is the perfect solution for you. When we decide to install ...

How to Care for a Trex Deck

A manufacturer of decking and outdoor accessories, Trex products consist of reclaimed and recycled plastic and wood materials. The decks are durable and contain railings and trim like traditional decks. Trex decking is also not hard to assemble and attach to your home or other structure. Like other

How to Put Up a Wood Fence at Home

Constructing a fence in your yard might be an intimidating project for some homeowners. The thought of having a fence can be appealing because it can add value to your property, as well as help nosy neighbors from keeping too close an eye on you and your family. Installation by fence companies can b

How to Plant Your Ginkgo Seeds

Ginkgo trees have an ancient heritage. They can be as tall as 100 feet, with trunks as wide as 4 feet in diameter. It all begins with a humble ginkgo seed. With proper collection, seed extraction and germination, you will be on your way to adorning your yard with the graceful ginkgo tree in years to

How to Install a Briggs & Stratton 16 HP Head Gasket

A common breakdown on 16-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engines is a blown head gasket, which prevents the proper pressure seal needed in the piston chamber to combust gasoline. The head gasket is located between the cylinder head cover on the front of the engine where the spark plug is and the engine

Red Ants in a Vegetable Garden

Often the minute we see those little red ants running around, the first thing we do is step on them and destroy their homes. When we see them in the garden, we grab the bug spray and empty the can, but could we be doing more harm than good? As it turns out, red ants have a job to do, and they are

Understanding the Biological Classification of Plants

The first classification of living things was developed by Aristotle over 2,300 years ago. In his classification there were only two groups, animals and plants. He divided the animals into three subgroups, those that could fly, walk and swim.

Sand Preparation for a Paving Compactor

Decorative interlocking concrete brick pavers are not permanently affixed. They are laid in a bed of sand and compacted. They are often considered a better choice than concrete because, unlike concrete, cracked or broken pavers are easily replaced. Decorative concrete brick pavers come in a variety

How to Take Care of a Howard Miller Wall Clock

A native of Germany, Howard Miller learned the art of clockmaking from his father. Miller's original designs consisted of wall and mantle clocks with chiming mechanisms. He later joined forces with Ford Motor Company during World War II, manufacturing anti-aircraft coverings. The construction of gra

Problems With Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Your self-propelled lawn mower could have some minor problems over time.mower image by Tomasz Wojnarowicz from Fotolia.comFor those of you who have experienced the difference in a regular push mower and a self-propelled lawn mower, you know that the latter is much easier to deal with. But...

How to Use a Gingher Honing Stone

Gingher is a company that produces scissors for sewing and craft use. The company has produced drop-forged cutting implements for more than 50 years To sharpen Gingher scissors, you will need a Gingher sharpening or honing stone.

About Vermi Composting

"Vermi" is the Latin word for worms. While composting refers to the biological degeneration of organic wastes like yard and food waste by microorganisms, in vermicomposting, earthworms are used to break down organic wastes into nutrient-rich manure. The ability of earthworms to turn organic waste in