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A Review Of The 2nd Generation CamBall SG-31

The tiny Camball packs a video camera, digital video recorder, and battery in a golf ball size, and records clear surveillance video with sound, as well as takes great photos. Built by Starnex International, the ...

Keeping Your House Safe While on Vacation - Quick Tips and Tricks

The article acts as a tutorial on how to make an empty house appear inhabited during your absence. A close friend or relative that will come around regularly combined with some classic tricks should fool anybody who might suspect you're not around. Follow these instructions and you'll have

How to Coyote-Proof Property

Coyotes are adaptable creatures, and they're quick to take opportunity. Their diet usually consists of small rodents, birds and insects. But they will eat human trash, compost, and small outdoor pets. They can wreak havoc on small farms and ranches. They are normally very shy around humans, but you

Perfect Home Kitchen Organizing

The kitchen serves several purposes, from family meetings to quick dinners, and it is often the hub of most homes. Sometimes organization is overlooked or has lapsed, but getting your kitchen into tip-top shape takes only a few changes and a commitment to staying organized.

Infant Closet Ideas

Organize your infant's closet.infant image by Svetlana Bogomol from Fotolia.comPreparing for the arrival of your infant is an exciting time. You want everything to be perfect for your precious newborn baby. When planning the nursery, it's important to keep aesthetics in mind, but also...

What Can Garage Door Repairmen Do?

There are many times when keys get locked inside cars or garages need replacement or maintenance. That is why garage door repairmen are located all over to help people in their needs concerning locked doors ...

Winchester Gun Safes Offer Great Protection For the Cost

Overall, I find Winchester gun safes to supply some of the best value on the market. While they aren't cheap, they're definitely an example of getting name brand quality for a budget brand price. And when you factor in their huge product line, there's a safe available to fit the needs

How to Kill Yellow Foxtail

Yellow foxtail (Setaria glauca), a summer annual grassy weed with either an erect or low-to-the-ground form, develops in bunches of flat blades. In the summer, this weed also produces yellow, cylindrical, upright flowers that grow 5 inches long and self-seed at the end of the season. Yellow foxtail

When to Call it a Day With Home Security Systems

If you tried to count the number of sources providing home security information these days, you'd likely run out of patience quickly. Everyone has an opinion on how to get your home solid as a rock, from the guy in the hardware store to your next-door neighbor. You'll probably realize afte

How to Assemble a Security Camera System

Security camera systems can be monitored by a homeowner looking to protect an entranceway into the home. You can assemble a security camera system without having to install wiring by using a wireless camera. The camera will transmit what it sees to a receiver that will attach to a conventional telev

The Benefits of Outdoor Security Cameras

I am really disappointed to admit that we live in an insecure, dangerous, and unpredictable society. So dont you want to have something that will be constantly taking care of your safety?Last night, I heard on the news about a man who had been stalking a women hiding under her bed for two days!

Homemade Bird Repellent

Watching birds is an enjoyable experience, but birds in your garden can be quite a nuisance. Newly planted seeds are considered treats by some birds, well worth digging up. Plants that produce vegetables or fruits are also fair game and a large amount of food can be destroyed by just a few birds. Th

24/7 Safety In Your Home Through Home Alarm Monitoring System

Because of technology, home alarm systems had become state-of-the-art protective equipments. Many add-ons had been developed which can be integrated in your chosen home alarm system. These additional features can ensure a 24/7 protection for the safety of your property.

Fire Alarm Testing Regulations

Fire alarms are a crucial part of any building's safety and security. Fire alarms not only protect people from potentially dangerous situations, they alert firefighting personnel, decreasing the chance that a fire's damage will be extensive. However, to maintain the safety and security of fire alarm

Keeping Calm - Five Simple Truths About Home Security

In an increasingly stressful world, those who are trying to do right by their families sometimes get overwhelmed with perceived threats. After all, switching on a television set or picking up a newspaper will give anyone a bit of a panic attack, since the country seems overrun with criminals. The ni

Securing the Attic for the Best Home Security

Often overlooked when worrying about home security, the attic can be one of the most vulnerable areas of the house. There are many reasons behind why the attic is so vulnerable to intrusions, many of which can be easily protected.

Detroit Residents Increase Their Home Security In Five Essential Ways

In recent years, Detroit has seen some growth, which is good news since its economy has been in such bad shape over the past few decades.Despite recent growth, the city is still quite economically depressed, and crime rates continue to be high.New residents are attracted to the city due to some of t