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How to Grow Symphitum

Groundcovers provides gardens with many benefits, including covering a barren spot in the yard, for growing on slops, covering the area between shrubs, reduce weeds, and providing a natural mulching effect on soil. Symphytum, also known as comfrey, is one of the best groundcovers available. An everg

How to Grow Dwarf Improved Meyer Lemon Trees in Houston

Dwarf improved Meyer lemon trees are mainly grown in pots and are hardier than other varieties of lemon trees. The improved variety was developed in the 1960's by Four Winds Growers to be resistant to a virus that killed the original Meyer lemon variety. Improved dwarf Meyer trees produce medium-siz

What Is Amelanchier Alnifolia Thiessen?

Amelanchier alnifolia is a large shrub or small tree in the Rosaceae, or rose, family. Also called saskatoon serviceberry, shadbush and juneberry, this species grows widely throughout the western United States and Canada. Fruit growers cultivate the plants for their edible berries, while conservatio

Outdoor Florida Ficus Tree Size

The exotic strangler fig (Ficus aurea), also called the Florida strangler fig, can grow 50 to 60 feet high with a crown spreading 50 to 70 feet. This unusual tree grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11. It is found naturally in southern Florida and spreads both from

How to Identify Ornamental Trees

A landscaper or homeowner can highlight a portion of his acreage with an ornamental tree, making what may have been an unremarkable spot into an attractive piece of the property over time. There are several ornamental trees that she may have to choose from, many of which grow in the wild in most par

Types of Refrigerant Flow Control

Refrigerant flow control devices used in cooling systems such as chillers and air conditioners have become more sophisticated over the years. Basic flow control devices such as pistons and capillary tubes have given way to thermal valves and electronic valves. Some of these refrigerant flow control

Ways to Cover Up Septic Pipes

Septic tank pipes must be covered and protected from damage after installation. Covering the pipes hides the unsightly pipes and protects from damage caused by the sun, wind and elements. There are many methods for covering septic tank pipes, most of which are relatively cheap while others are more

How to Test the PH of Your Lawn

Because different grass seeds have diffferent pH (potential hydrogen ion) preferences, testing the pH of the soil in your lawn can give you an idea of what your soil needs to nourish and sustain a healthy lawn. Generally, soil in moist climates tends to be acidic, and in dry climates it is usually a

How to Transplant an Olive Tree Whose Leaves Are Falling Off

Many tree species benefit from bouts of cool, wet weather, but sunshine-loving species such as olive trees often respond to such conditions by dropping their leaves. In addition to providing perfect conditions for fungal diseases, moist weather also stresses olive trees by restricting oxygen to the

Harvesting Lavender Oils

Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) is revered for its medicinal properties and for its aromatic fragrance. It is used in many products ranging from candles to aromatherapy oil. Lavender's name comes from the Latin root lavare, which means "to wash," which may be because it was used in baths to purify

Parts of a Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has long been an important symbol in the Buddhist tradition, signifying progress of the soul, purity and loveliness. Lotus flowers are very complex, aquatic blooms that grow from rhizomes under the water.

Apple Tree Diseases and Scabs

Apple scab is one of several diseases that can plague apple trees. These diseases can attack an apple tree, causing it to lose its leaves and weakening the tree as a whole. To control diseases, first identify the problem, then implement a consistent plan to control the problem.

Climbing Rose With Yellow Leaves

Climbing roses with yellowing leaves may be exhibiting the first signs of an aphid infestation. Aphids cause rose leaves to yellow, curl, distort and defoliate. Unfortunately, a heavily infested climbing rose plant can decline in health or die when the aphid infestation goes untreated. It is imperat

How to Kill Bagworms on a Cedar Tree

Bagworms are white larva that eat the needles of many evergreen tree species, including the cedar. Most infestations begin in the late spring or early summer, but they are only noticed once the worms construct bags that hang down from the branches. They lay up to 800 eggs in each bag that later hatc

Arborvitae Tree Diseases

The arborvitae is a cold-loving evergreen that thrives mostly in the cooler northern states of the U.S. This member of the cypress family produces soft, rich-green needle foliage that grows into a dense canopy. It is a vigorous grower that grows well in moist, well-drained soil environments that pro

Types of Hoya Plants

Hoya plants are climbing evergreen vines and shrubs originating from tropical regions of southern Asia, Australia and Polynesia, usually grown as houseplants in the U.S. Belonging to the family Asclepiadaceae, the genus hoya has 300 plant species, though Hoya carnosa is the predominate species that

How to Prevent a Powdery Mildew in Your Garden

Powdery mildew is a common plant disease in the garden that causes everything from cosmetic damage to total crop loss. The mildew is a fungus that needs a host plant to grow, and is already present in the surrounding environment of most gardens. Proper planning and effective techniques can prevent o

How to Plant Tree Seedlings

Tree seedlings can be planted in grow pots until they are saplings (aged one year or more) at which point they can be planted directly into soil in areas that are not prone to frost or animal grazing. Depending upon your climate, the desirability of your particular varietal of seedling to animals an

Support Systems for Apple Trees

Properly maintained apple trees yield high levels of fruit production.three red apples in the apple tree image by Jo?¡êo Freitas from Fotolia.comMany apple producers are replacing orchards of large apple trees with smaller trees planted at closer spacings, according to the Cornell...

Flowers That Bloom in Western New York in Late Summer

Depending on where you live in western New York, you will be in USDA hardiness zone 4 or 5. Use this information to identify flowers that will bloom in late summer and into the fall. You will need to choose flowers that are a little on the hardy side since some late summer and early fall nights can