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What Makes Fruits a Healthy Choice?

We all know that fruits are healthy. But do you know why they are said to be healthy? Let's discuss this in this article. Magic ingredients of fruits: Fruits contain essential nutrients that a human ...

Food Sweeteners and Diabetes

Today Food Sweeteners are present in almost all grocery shops and many people are using them as one of the best substitutes for natural sugar. Not only diabetics but also people who are concerned abou

High Protein Diets For Anorexia Nervosa Patients

Studies show that one percent of all teenage girls and young women in their 20s will develop anorexia nervosa, and that 10 to 15% of those girls will die due to complications from this condition. Some men develop this condition as well, usually teenage boys.

What's Best: Morning or Evening Workouts?

We all know somebody that is very strongly adamant about when they work out. Either they absolutely have to get up first thing in the morning and hit the weights or the track before doing anything else, or they will only consider exercising in the evening. Nothing else will do, and they insist that

Want to Become Vegetarian - 4 Advantages of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is a campaign to reduce or totally eliminate the presence of meat in the diet. The different classification of vegetarians are as varied as the reasons as to why people switch into this type of diet. However, this movement has a long history, even dating as far back as Pythagoras'

Diet Versus Exercise

There's a saying that goes €you can't out-exercise a bad diet.€ This might be clich©, but it is definitely true. As much as you might exercise, if you have bad eating habits, you will never ...

Understanding Vegetarianism

As a new vegetarian, no doubt you'll be wondering if you'll be getting the right nutrition and certainly enough of it. Yes and yes, there's no reason why you would be under nourished being a vegetarian. Fruits and vegetables provide crucial nutrients.

Eating Foods To Increase Your Ability To Get Pregnant

Eating a number of foods to boost fertility may be a good way to start the process of trying to conceive. Leading a healthy lifestyle, with a well-balanced diet, is often recommended by physicians to women who wish have a family. Before starting a new diet program, women should speak with their phys

Starting A Raw Food Diet

Raw foodism, widely trumpeted to be the best dietary approach ever by its advocates, has been a rage across the world, especially in the United States. Staunch advocates of raw foodism have even claimed that a 100% adherence to raw foodism ushers in multiple benefits for your body.

Muscle Gainer

So you want to put on some muscle, maybe a six pack maybe some biceps. First place you should head is to the "nutrition" store and grab some muscle building, body sculpting, super duper protein ...

How to Avoid Fruit Digestion Problems

Don't you make another mistake of reaching for that fruit salad in the fridge! And for that matter, even the fruit set that's sitting pretty in your dining table! I know it's better than junk food and a can of beer, but not until you have finished reading every word in this article an

Healthy and Delicious Nutrition Tips

To a lot of people, going on a diet or simply consuming a healthy nutrition signifies a world of dry toast and water. However, healthy nutrition is not comprised of such unsatisfying foods. These days, we have the privilege of consuming some of the finest foods in their reduced-calorie format. For i

Why I Became a Vegan

I have been a Vegan for 13 years. I first adopted the vegan diet when I learned that horses were being slaughtered in the United States for human consumption in Europe and Asia. I rescue horses and knowing that I would never dine on 'Filet du Fedon' (Filet of Foal), I could not reconcile n

Nutrition Facts and Basics

Nutrition labels have revolutionized the way we buy food -- especially for people on special diets. Nutrition can affect more than just your weight. People who practice good nutrition, hygiene and exe

Nutrition and Healing - Food Choices After Gastric Bypass

People who have carried excess weight for many years are at a disadvantage when it comes time for recovery. Their hearts have been under a high degree of stress for years, working hard to supply oxygenated blood to body tissues.