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Addressing Anti-Jewish Beliefs

After Mel Gibson's film Passion, many people became anti-Jewish who had previously not been anti-Jewish. We are seeing a lot of hateful rants against Jews on places such as the Internet, and the neo-Nazis have been capitalizing on the anti-Jewish sentiment to spread their ideological poison. Wi

Grab Local News form Reliable Online Media

This description focuses on local news, daily news, news headlines and breaking news. If you are seeking local news, it is very easy to go for various online mass media. They are providing ample repor

Follow The News With Your Satellite TV

Many people enjoy following the news. Whether you enjoy reading newspapers, watching television or following a favorite blog or two, keeping up with the events of the day is a challenge and obligation that many people get behind. In order to best be able to follow the news it is a good idea to make

Ignatius Piazza Challenges Americans To Understand U.s. Supreme Court Case

With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling soon on a terribly important case, Ignatius Piazza is encouraging, challenging, even daring Americans to realize the importance of this case for all citizens, especially those who have any intention of ever safeguarding and protecting their loved ones.

Obama's "Different Belief System"

In a lengthy interview, Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes dropped a big bomb on President Obama saying, without clarification, "He just has a different belief system than most Americans." That's a truism known to conservatives for years. That line came after he said, again without elucida

Our Society Needs New, Creative, Out-Of-The-Box Ideas

Late last week, our nation was dealt yet another tragedy. The senseless death of elementary school children in Newtown, CT raises many questions for each of us. My heart breaks for the families, for the survivors, for the brave first-responders who won't be able to get those images out of their

So Says Front Sight: U.s. Supreme Court Must Look To Colorado Springs

The leader in gun training schools, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, is saying that the U.S. Supreme Court, in determining not only the constitutionality but common sense of a firearms ban, must consider what occurred in Colorado Springs and take the heroic actions there into account in thei

Political & Governance Crisis in Pakistan: Way Forward

Pakistan is going through a very serious security and political crisis which has potential to turn into a social and economic crisis as well. Below, I try to explain how I see the crisis, its various

Out of Big-Hearted Africa

What do the planes bring to Africa? The answers vary. In any case, they leave behind a scene of misery and devastation that "Darwin's Nightmare" presents as the agonized human face of globalization. While the flesh of millions of Nile perch is stripped, cleaned and flash-frozen for ex

Global Recession: Causes, Consequences, Fixes, Part 2

This is second in a series of articles on historical analysis of causes, consequences and fixes for recessions and depression, a frequent happening in Capitalist economies. This particular article ana

Musings on Television

Television has been placed in a role that is front and center in our lives. Most of the most popular leisure time activities in modern America depend somehow on television.

Montessori Method - What Makes This Method So Effective, Let Us Find Out

The credit for this goes to Dr. Maria Montessori who first establishes a ground-breaking new teaching technique for children back in 1890. While working as an assistant doctor at a Children's Psychological Ward in a Rome hospital, she found out that children could learn and master a subject far