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Sure Things and Growth Picks in Retail

If you need sure-bet plays in retail, you have to stick with Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE/WMT) and Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ/COST).

How to Calculate Option Value

Options are contracts that give the owner of a stock the right to buy (call options) or sell (put options) another security at a predetermined price, called the strike price. Stock options are the most common, but option contracts are also traded on futures, foreign currency, and other securities. E

Should You Invest in Stocks?

When we hear the word investment, all that comes to our mind is money that grows. Anyone who invests money wants the risk to be less and wishes that the money grew faster.

Does Chapter Eleven Mean My Stock Is Not Good Anymore?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed by a corporation throws its stockholders into a difficult situation. While their stocks do not immediately become worthless, it's likely stockholders will see little return, if any, on their original investment. The only positive for investors is that Chapter 11 bankruptc

Different Types of Stock Investing

Aggressive investment in the stocks means investors are taking immense risk in the market. This risk can be in various forms.

Exercising Stock Options, Part 4

Quick Changes Artist: You have decided to buy a call with a striking price of 30. The underlying stock's current market value is $32 per share and the option premium is 5 ($500). Your premium includes two points of intrinsic value and three points of time value. If the stock's market value

How to Profit With Timber REITs

Timber REITs of course.These companies are set up to buy and manage large amounts of timber.You can buy these REITs for a few dollars each on the stock market.No complex contracts or negotiations.Just use you normal brokerage account.

How to Find the Dividend Payment With Common Stock

When you invest in the stock market, you can buy a security and hope that the price will go up. But you can also invest in stocks with an eye toward income. If you fill your portfolio with quality stocks that also pay a dividend, you can enjoy consistent income year after year, and still have the po

What Is Exchange-Traded Debt Security?

Issued by companies, exchange-traded debt securities combine the safety of traditional bonds with risks involved in trading stocks. The value of these securities depends mainly on who the issuer is, while the debt traded is unsecured.

Key Aspects to Event Fundraising Success

Event fundraising can be a challenge, but very rewarding if done correctly. There is a considerable amount of work and promotion that needs to go...

How to Choose Between Stocks and Bonds

New investors often struggle to understand the difference between stocks and bonds. The ideal investment for you is not the same for your neighbor. Understand the difference between stocks and bonds and make the best investment choice for you and your money.

How to Buy Stock in Ethanol

Ethanol, also called grain alcohol, has been around for ages. Typically, it has been produced as an inebriating drink in cultures around the world. In the current era, the main use for ethanol is as a fuel or a fuel additive. Typically made from fermenting sugar cane or corn, ethanol has a lower ene

Three Green Fundraising Ideas That Will Help You Raise Money Easily

Setting up green fundraisers is one of the best ways that you can raise money and raise awareness about caring for the planet. With these type of fundraisers, you get the opportunity to help both your organization or group and the planet as well. I will be presenting you with some good green fundrai

Should I Use a Local Broker Or a US Broker to Buy US Stocks?

I am a Singaporean, currently working as a trader in a hedge fund. I regularly contribute my investment ideas in my personal blog, and some of my investment ideas are US stocks. This is a frequent questions asked by my readers: Is it cheaper to buy US stocks through a US broker?

Stocks and Shares - Tips For Investing Wisely

Investing in stocks and shares is a risky business. This article gives information on factors to consider before buying stocks and shares, as rash investments can prove extremely damaging to the long-term financial health of the amateur investor.

What Happens to a Mortgage When One Spouse Dies?

When a spouse passes away, her debt remains behind. It's important to understand how estates and debt work to avoid unpleasant surprises during a difficult time. Spouses who owned property together may become liable for mortgage payments when the other partner dies. You should make sure to discuss t

The Advantage Of Buying And Selling Penny Stocks

Buying and selling penny stocks have finally become mainstream in the eyes of stock traders. While these kind of stocks don't get the kind of publicity that the large cap stocks get, but you shouldn't overlook them if they are not already part of your trading strategy.

Options Trading Course For Beginners Part 2

As a beginner to Options Trading, you will need to understand the basic terms used to describe options before learning about all the advanced strategies. We will discuss a handful of these "options terms" in this article.