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Milford Howell Wolpoff [b. 1942]

American paleontologist Milford Wolpoff is most closely associated with the Multiregional Hypothesis of human origins, arguing that Homo sapiens evolved from H. erectus not once but several times in many places around the world.

How to Apply Accents to Spanish Documents

Formally written Spanish, such as a paper for a class, requires the use of accent marks, since omitting the accent can change the tense of a verb or give a noun a different meaning. By default, English keyboard layouts do not include a key for adding acute accents to Spanish vowels; however, on a Wi

What Is an Education Studies Degree?

So you want to go into education but aren't sure what you want to specialize in? The answer may be an education studies degree, which will allow you take education classes while you find your niche.

Working For Hotels, Restaurants, and Cruise Lines

There are some great careers you can pursue that offer multiple and varied employment opportunities. Careers in cooking, the specialty patisserie, and hotel management are perfect examples. By earning your certificate in any of these ...

How to Organize an After-School Tutoring Program

An after school tutoring program is a good idea. Students with excellent grades can benefit as much from an after school tutoring program as can students with poor grades. Often grades are a reflection more of a student's ability to get the homework done than a reflection of the student's comprehens

How to Save your money on Textbook

As you know, Textbooks are the important things that all students need for learning, researching, doing homework and preparing for examination. Some textbooks have high cost (nearly 1000$ - 2000$) and

Ghost Bingo Cards

By S. Tanna. Download free Halloween bingo cards printables from http://www.halloweenbingo.org/

Want To Sell Photographs Full Or Part-time? You Could Start Tomorrow!

Many things you have learned about photography are untrue. Chief among these is the belief you need a professional set up to earn your living. There are plenty of long-term plans whereby you can learn how to sell photographs and make a sustainable income. There are also ways to start earning tomorro

Public Speaking Ideas for High School

Public speaking is a common fear, even among adults, yet it's a skill young people must hone in order to succeed in college entrance interviews or job interviews. Help your high school students become accustomed to addressing audiences formally and informally with appropriate eye contact, gestures,

Cut & Glue Letter Activities

Children learn well through hands-on activities. Evidence suggests that teaching children by having them complete cutting and gluing projects will help to stimulate their minds. This is especially true for preschool children being introduced to the alphabet since children between four and seven lear