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Guidelines for Personal Success

Success is a universal desire. Each and every human being wants to be successful in life. To be successful means to be respected, admired and loved. Although success is often seen as the child of fortune, it is rather a son of industry. Success comes with its own set of laws and rules which, when ob

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Welcome to my first blog entry. I want this blog to be all about tips and hints on how to help you become more successful in your every day life. Practical strategies and tips that have worked for som

An Attitude Of Gratitude

The universal law of attraction states:we attract whatever we choose to give our attention to.Therefore, it only makes sense if we focus on lack, then more lack is what we will experience.

Trust And Friendship Must Be Earned

Largely because of the less than optimum manner in which most organizations go about assuring that their leaders are properly identified, qualified, trained, and thus prepared, many of those that serve in leadership positions often fail to realize certain important details. In over three decades of

How Long Have I Been Hurting

Those injured souls; the people who walk gently through life, filled with a pain they can neither explain nor deny. Many can barely remember when it began and have little faith it will end. It is consuming, this pain that filters their life through a lens of gray. Where did it all begin? Can they co

Judgments of Conscience

The Spirit of God never forces anyone to change. There must be willingness within the vessel for the Holy Spirit to agree, and to cohabit. This must occur at the level of the conscience; convicted against its own things; mortified by its own contempt of its Maker; an agreement that the seared consci

More on Mind Mastery and Power

I would like to take some time to explain more on mind mastery. Whether we realize it or not, every single bit of information that goes into our minds every single day goes into our ...

Clothes Before Time

Man came onto this planet with the concept of modesty. Therefore we can see early man wearing clothes made out of materials like leaves, straw, feathers etc. What ever material was readily available was converted into piece of clothing.

How to Align Your Life Vision With Your Soul Purpose

I dreamed of winning the Nobel Prize when I was in college. It did not seem to be so lofty at the time. After all I was with the best minds of my time, the kids who ate Friedrich Nietzsche for breakfast. I set my goals to working for five years to send my younger brother to school, going to graduate

Living Generously - The Wise Woman Way

Living generously is a theme that plays loudly in many women's lives. As women, our social conditioning - and often the impulse of our hearts - is to live generously by giving generously. And we give the one thing we have assured access to: ourselves.

Law Of Attraction - Be Specific

Do you notice that sometimes your desires and expectations to achieve your goals seem to compel restlessness. Knowing what you desire in life, but not being sure how to get it creates internal conflict which compels you to feel on edge.

Improve Your Productivity With Purpose

Why? That seems like a pretty simple question doesn't it? Yet, that one word question packs so much power and is often extremely difficult to answer if it is asked in the right context. How do I know this? I experienced it. You see recently a person that I really respect asked me that very ques