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Word Processing Activities for Middle School

Learning word processing is important in today's technical world.computer image by blaine stiger from Fotolia.comSolid word-processing skills are critical in today's world, and not just for secretaries and administrative assistants. College students need word-processing skills to take...

How to Compress Multiple PDF Files

PDF files are commonly used for guides and manuals. They are often uploaded in emails and onto websites. The file size of multiple PDF files can be large if there are many pages and images. Compression is always a viable choice if you are going to be emailing the PDF. Compression makes the file siz

How to Use BCC in Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an email client created by Mozilla, the same entity that created the Firefox browser. One of the features Thunderbird offers is the ability to blind carbon copy recipients on an email message. This is handy when a colleague needs to be kept up to speed on an issue without the other re

How to Make Overseas Calls

Which numbers to dial when making overseas calls? Let's try to understand what's in a phone number and what to do to correctly call abroad.

Printing Problems in QuickBooks Pro 2010

To understand what possible difficulty you may be having in printing documents using QuickBooks Pro 2010, you need to be aware of how the printing process works in QuickBooks. QuickBooks software communicates with the printer through a series of drivers and processes. It also provides the option of

How to Open Toast Files

TOAST files are disc image files created for use with Mac computers by a program called Roxio Toast. These disc image files are similar in concept to popular formats like ISO that are used on Windows computers. If you want to open a TOAST file on your Mac computer, first make sure that you have eith

Understanding the Great New Wireless Internet System

If you have heard about the great new wireless internet system hitting different cities around the country, you probably have a few questions on your mind. How exactly is all this going to work and what can you expect to be doing that was previously impossible? After all, if you are going to go thro

How to Save a Flash Card Document in Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program developed by Microsoft. It contains a suite of features that makes formatting, writing and saving documents on a computer possible. If you find it too difficult to format your own documents, Microsoft Word comes with a plethora of templates that can be use